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Pray It Through

Hey sis! I hope all is well with you and even if it doesn't seem like it is trust God! He loves you more than the person that loves you most and is always there twisting the situation for OUR benefit. If you haven't grabbed my book Purpose Driven Prayer Journal on Amazon it's not too late!


Fruit for Thought: Isiah 64:4, Psalm 119

I am super excited about starting this new devotinal blog but I realized that there may be a few things that I need to lay as a foundation, regarding "sayings," "phrases," and methods. If you're looking for a few devotional supports please email me ( and I will share my devotional cards with you.

1. Stuyding It: When I refer to something that I am studying or have studied I am typically referring to me reading the scripture first from GNT version of the Bible. I write notes in my notebook about how that scripture relates to me and my life. I then read the same scripture in NIV & NKJV, which I then follow up with a reading of multiple commentaries. If I ever get stuck I usually go to my community of teachers ( mostly Bishop) and see if what I think is what he thinks and go from there.

Tip: Before I even open my Bible I pray first for understanding and I also ask God to help me stay awake while I read!

2. Praying It: I will often say "pray through this with me" and what I mean by "pray through it" is read the scripture like you're praying it yourself. Make it personal pronouns, say it out loud in your space and humble your heart as though you were praying. I do this because the prayers of the righteous always get through and as we learn how to interact with God's word we should understand that it never returns back to him void and that it is a convenant. It's a promise and in my mind it's reminding God of his word and promises in his word (which never changes nor contradicts itself) and it's reassuring me that I am praying with God's will in mind and not my own.

3. Speaking It: Last but certainly not least. Chile! I am working on the things that I let come out of my mouth so this last one is a game changer! Replacing the complaints and observations of current situations and views of where we are in our lives with the reminders of what God says about us and to us...WILL CHANGE THE GAME! Seriously, what we say will always match how we feel in our hearts, so it is important to make the word a part of our hearts so that way we can break boundaries in our lives instead of creating issues, and additional struggles also known as strong holds.

That's all for now! Remember God couldn't see Heaven with out YOU! You are his FAVORITE daughter and every morning that you wake up he CHOOSES YOU! Oh yeah, Sis! Don't forget your crown!

With All My Best,

Sydney G.

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