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This He Gives Freely

Just Ask God and he will give it to you freely. He will give it to you with out finding fault. James 1:5-11

The tricky thing about this walk with Christ is truly believing that you are worthy of this unfailing love, grace and mercy. It took me the longest time to see myself who I am really am; beautiful, gifted, compassionate, sincere. I was easily caught up in who I thought I needed to be to survive in the “world” that we live in and my past. Many times I would look at the results of my poor decisions and in my low self-esteem and brokenness I would ask questions like; “who would want to work with me?” “Who would want to marry me?” “Who would trust me with their kids?” the list of character destroying questions would ring in my head at the most inopportune times. We can’t blame our low self-esteem in any area all on the Devil but we do acknowledge that those thoughts of us being less do not come from God, but a broken place. God sent us Jesus to repair broken areas in our lives and if we truly allow God in to those burned and broken areas He will heal us and we can walk in the blameless love of God.

You might be saying “Sydney, I mean, if God has seen all of the decisions, thoughts and actions that I have enacted since the time of my birth how could he possibly just want to freely give to me? Don’t I have to earn it? We are not earning things from God. In him we already have all we could ask for. The deal is, we have to make the decision to be committed to be led by the spirit, and forgive ourselves ( and others) so we can receive from God. James told us at the start of his namesake book that God will give us what we ask for freely with out looking at our mistakes and shortcomings. God knows that our relationship is not an even playing field. He is always preparing us for greater, and has our best interest at heart. Go to God with the things that make you happy, sad, frustrated, and even your dark areas. Ask for forgiveness and then ask God for whatever agent will help you stand strong in the face of that giant the next time it comes.

Food for Thought

What are somethings you need to ask God for in your life? How many things are you hiding from God because you think it will make him love you less?

*Make a list of five things to do before 5p today. Reward yourself for completing your list and make sure you include time for prayer.

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