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Yeah, Sis, You Thought Wrong

Last week in my car I found myself driving on autopilot. I wasn't really watching surroundings around me closely but I knew the area that I thought I was in. I was headed to my sister's house to watch movies and eat late-night snacks as anyone would creating #quarantinechronicles would.

Anywho, about 10 minutes into my ride I send my sisters a text letting them know I was on the way and nearby. 10 more minutes went by and I was still driving. At this point no longer driving on auto-pilot I asked myself, "where are you, Sydney?" I wasn't lost but I wasn't quite where I thought I was or should have been. I had miscalculated my distance from her house, initially, I thought I was further along than I really was.

How many times have you taken a survey of where you are in life and realized that you're not quite where you thought you were?

For you, this may not be a big deal but for me, it can lead into fits of frustration, annoyance and most of all it can render me faithless. #IAINTTRUSTINGGOD

Why Am I Sharing This?

In the book of Proverbs, Solomon shares with us a great tip for walking by faith he tells us

Trust in the Lord, your God with all your heart;

do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do

and he will show you which path to take.

This quarantine situation that has found itself on my front doorstep has had many revelations wrapped up in it. I won't share them all but these are just a few. Use this time to sit in your quiet space and literally talk to God about the things that are concerning you. Even the new things that you desire to do and ask God for wisdom and his thoughts about your new endeavor.

This time that we have been allotted is not a time for auto-pilot: our typical routine of social media, TV, idle talk on the phone and binge eating needs to be put on time out. I'm not saying don't take time to relax but I want you to be really intentional about seeking God and his plan for your life. Once you link up with God's plan he will lead and guide you not to mention everything you touch will be blessed! #SISYOUGOTTHIS

My Point: In all areas, my graduate studies courses, my second book ( which is going to drop 9/21/20), my coaching courses, my businesses, house projects, grading for the semester, my prayer practices, and even the overall status of my faith all had one thing in common. None of them were as far along as I thought. What we "know" or think we know doesn't really matter. It's short-sighted because we can only see things from our perspectives shaped by our experiences.

How is This Even A Devotional?

One of my favorite things about God is the 2 for 1 combination of grace and mercy. I am so thankful that God extends new mercies every day and allows me to grow and adapt to his standard for my life. God was here in the beginning before the world was even formed, he knows the end( our life span and beyond) and he knows the plans that he has for us. Not only does he have everything covered but he gives us the grace to trust him and activate our faith that he will keep his word and guide our steps.


Ask God to speak to your heart of human "knowledge" and ask him to fill your heart with his supernatural wisdom. Invite God to lead your thoughts, plans, and ideas so that you can please him in all that you do. Ask God for the courage to give him control of your life and in your life. Lastly, ask God to help you trust that you can take him at his word. He knows you're new to this!

What areas of your life are you riding on autopilot? What areas in your life are you not trusting God to order your steps? Maybe it's in your relationship that you made more important than God. Maybe it's in your career that you depend on to provide you instead of God. No matter what it is, take inventory of your life. What do you trust more than God?

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