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Acting Beyond Fear

Hey There! I hope all is well with you today! I pray that even your lowest moment is filled with opportunities to grow and learn who God wants to be in your life.

Focus Scriptures: Isaiah 43,

Ugh! If it isn't one thing it's another right?! There is much to be said about making the decision to act on something new in your life. Among many things, your faith has to be stronger than your fear.

What is Fear?

If you want to get technical fear is the feeling of immobilization as a result of making a decision to act or simply be. Fear is also the acknowledgment of anything being greater or stronger than the word of God. Fear has many different ways that it can show up in your life. In fact, it's amazing to me the many doors, windows, cracks and crevises that fear can find to enter our lives.

What is Faith?

Honestly, there is a lot to be said about faith. According to the "Faith Hall of Fame," the book of Hebrews, faith is the substance of things that are hoped for. In general terms, faith is a radical trust in God to finish or act upon something. Faith is the "knowing" that the Bible is a living guide for the people of today with real instruction. Faith in my mind is simply praying daily, spending time reading the word of God, and being a good monitor of my mouth (aka trusting God).

As we are coming to the close of yet an amazingly blessed year ( if you're reading this post it's truly a blessing to be alive and have a device for electronic engagement) I want to encourage you to keep the fear out and let the faith in with these 3 affirmations!

Disappointment is Unavoidable but Will Set me Up to be Unstoppable

Yep that's right, the plan didn't go-- well basically as planned and you found yourself not only angry with God for allowing it to go down that way but you're also afraid to trust yourself. Taking a risk to be vulnerable to trust God in that area is tricky because you don’t want to feel like a failure… Trust me I get it! But as we prepare to enter a new year we have to draw the ax on perfection. No one gets it right all the time and you know that! That’s not only why we have grace but it’s also why we overcome. One of our most powerful gifts after a season of mistakes and error is the strength of our testimony that speaks not just to the power of redemption. Don’t let embarrassment and pity keep you in a chokehold and on the sidelines! You were purposed to be a gamer changer, don’t be afraid of the uncharted territory because you are a pioneer! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me as stated in Philippians 4: 13 and so CAN YOU!

What is For For Me and Dhas Et!

Syd, what does this have to do with fear? If I made a list of every time this passed month ( just November) I hesitated or wouldn't step out in faith 75% of the list would be because I didn't really want to risk it ALL! What I'm saying is that it was more comfortable for me to play it safe and tiptoe in what I KNOW was promised to me but my fear of failure, my fear of losing wouldn't allow me to stay seated at the table. I was afraid of messing up my chances! Like many of you reading, I walked away. I want to remind you that the entire book of Romans is dedicated to reminding us that it is not about perfection and earning the blessings that God wants to release in our lives it is all about moving forward in faith. As we walk into this new year ( you're praying and fasting and asking God for the 2021 blueprint I hope) make sure you record every idea, and or vision that comes your way. Hold on to what God told you because there is not one thing you can do to stop the promise of God from developing in your life. It may take longer and it might be tougher but it is STILL for you! " But if is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God." Acts 5:39 NIV

I am Strong Enough to Forgive!

A mouth full is what we just said. At first glance this year can look like a pit of losses. From jobs stability to the relationships that couldn’t sustain the virtual distance, it seems like the casualty of 2020 has been a bulldozer. Forgiveness like many things in life is a vital step for success moving forward toward what God has for you. Forgiveness is an essential component for the level up. But like you, “it’s the pain for me.” It takes a real one to stop walk away from the comfort of bitterness and anger and Proverbs 3:5-6 the situation. Remember this, if nothing else– What God has for you has never been seen or experienced by anyone else the way that God wants you to experience it. So, for this affirmation I close with this, forgiveness is freedom. With the strength of God you can move beyond your hurt. Zechariah 4:6 Then he said to me, “This is what the Lord says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

Remeber that you ARE always on the way to BECOMING, be BOLD and be DRIVEN by PURPOSE,


Sydney G. 💋

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